Heating Repair

Heating Repair Services

in Alum Bank and Bedford County

At Dale Sprigg Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration LLC, we understand that a malfunctioning heating system can be more than just uncomfortable—it can disrupt your life. That’s why we provide prompt and reliable Heating Repair services to the residents and businesses of Pleasantville and the surrounding Bedford County areas. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle repairs for a wide range of heating systems, ensuring your space stays warm all winter long.

Emergency Heating Repair:

Responsive When You Need Us Most

Heating emergencies don’t wait for business hours, and neither do we. Our Emergency Heating Repair service is available around the clock to address your heating issues swiftly, minimizing discomfort and preventing further damage to your system.

Furnace Repair :

Expert Care for Your Home or Business

A well-functioning furnace is key to a cozy, warm space. Our technicians specialize in Furnace Repair, diagnosing issues accurately and repairing them efficiently, so your daily routine can continue uninterrupted.

Heat Pump Repair:

Ensuring Year-Round Comfort

Heat Pump Repair: Ensuring Year-Round Comfort
Heat pumps are vital for both heating and cooling in many Pleasantville homes. Our Heat Pump Repair services ensure that your system is in top working order, providing reliable heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.


Your Heating Repair Now

Don’t let a broken heating system leave you in the cold. For expert Heating Repair services in Pleasantville and Bedford County, reach out to Dale Sprigg Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration LLC. We’re here to restore your comfort quickly and efficiently.